Gallery 1
River Cycle
James Dodd

River Cycle is an experiment in invention and adaptation. James Dodd will graft a bicycle to the ubiquitous tinny, producing a cobbled together watercraft. This object, a working sculpture, will be the central facilitator and discussion point for a series of real and rhetorical journeys exploring speculative sustainable technology and everyday creativity. Travelling the River Murray in 2018, River Cycle will invite conversation with communities along its voyage, exploring human-made political and weather patterns, and the possibilities of climate change adaptation – from the pragmatic to the barely, wildly imagined. The project is a component of a larger group, titled Climate Century, that will be presented by Vitalstatistix in November of 2018. This presentation at C3 is an opportunity to test a range of physical and conceptual facets of the project in relation to the Yarra River.

This project is supported by Country Arts SA.