For Cutting Mirrors, Negative Press will relocate part of its studio to Gallery 2. Collaborating with Elizabeth Newman and Renee Cosgrave in situ, the gallery will become a site of production, the results of which will be displayed in the adjacent space – Gallery 3. By exposing the hermetic idea of the studio, this project asks: What happens when a usually private space is made public? And how does the relationship between artist, printer and audience affect or influence the creative practice of the studio, the artist and their collaborative output?
This project is supported by a Small Project Grant from Yarra City Council
Etching press kindly supplied by Melbourne Etching Supplies

Trent will be working in the space with collaborators Elizabeth Newman and Renee Cosgrave during the exhibition on both days open to the public and after public hours when the gallery is closed.

Working days:

Thursday 8th October
Friday 9th October
Sunday 11th October (public workshop)
Saturday 17th October
Sunday 18th October (Public talk and closing party)


Public Program:

As part of “Cutting Mirrors”, on now at c3, we are presenting a small public program for the exhibition in Gallery 2 + 3 with Trent Walter (from Negative Press) and collaborators Renee Cosgrave and Elizabeth Newman.

On this Sunday 11th October Trent will hold a Monotype workshop It’s only $10, forms part of the artwork AND there are a few places still available for the afternoon spot!

Please email the gallery at if you want to join in. See below for details.


In this session, participants will discuss and explore the processes of monotype printing. Monotype refers to any print process by which only a single impression may be taken of the matrix. Participants will be guided through the process by Trent Walter of Negative Press, whose studio is located at c3 for the duration of the exhibition ‘Cutting Mirrors’.

Workshop cost: $10
All materials will be provided, though participants should wear closed toe shoes and an apron.

Session times:
10:30–1 pm SOLD OUT
Open to 5 places per session.


Public forum/Closing celebration

Join Trent Walter, Elizabeth Newman and Renee Cosgrave in a discussion about the working of the private studio versus the public space. How has working in c3 Contemporay Art Space for the duration of the exhibition ‘Cutting Mirrors’ affected the creative process? What are the advantages/disadvantages of engaging with the public during the making of artworks? Conversational in tone, this public forum will precede the closing celebration of the exhibition.

Cost: Free
Session times:
2:00–3:00 pm Forum
3:00–5:00 pm Closing celebration.

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