TRAIN/ENNIAL – c3 Annual Fundraiser

29th November- 9th December, 11am – 5pm 7 days of the week
OPENING LAUNCH: 29th November 6-8pm

The highly anticipated fifth project in the c3 annual fundraiser series, TRAIN/ENNIAL gives audiences a unique insight into arts practice in the age of the spectacle, showcasing some of Melbourne’s finest emerging and established artists.

TRAIN/ENNIAL uses a number of motifs and actions to explore notions of spectacle, passive consumption, artist’s labour, commodification, box ticking, revenue raising and the very nature of the fundraiser as exhibition format. The exhibition features curated projects, performances, writing and a huge range of individual artworks from artists wishing to support c3’s community.

TRAIN/ENNIAL looks at the form of the mega-blockbuster and contemplates arts practice in the age of the spectacle. Using the train as a metaphor for the professional journey, as artists, how do we navigate the power structures of the art world?

Exhibiting Artists

Aaron Christopher Rees, Alexandra Nemaric, Ali McCann, Alicia KING, Allyn Laing, Amy May Stuart, Andrew Atchison, Andy Butler, Audrey Tan, Ben Hattingh, Ben Kelly, Ben Sexton, Bettina Willner-Browne, Betra Fraval, Brigit Ryan, Callum Morton, Casey Jeffery, Chaco Kato, David Attwood, Dell Stewart, Diego Ramirez, Emanuel Rodriguez-Chaves, Georgie North, Grace Wood, Hannah Gartside, Ingmar Apinis, James Little, Janelle Low, Jaye Early, Jem Olsen, Jeremy Eaton, Jo Scicluna, John Brooks, John Gosper, Jon Butt, Jonas Ropponen, Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher, Karima Baadilla, Kate Beynon, Kate Golding, Katie Lee, Katie Paine, Katie Ryan, Kenny Pittock, Kirsten Perry, Lara Chamas, Lauren Dunn, Lorilee Yang, Louise Meuwissen, Marcelle Bradbeer, Matt Fairbridge, Melanie Upton, Miranda Skoczek, MJ Flamiano, Moorina Bonini, Natalie Ryan, Natalie Thomas, Neika Lehman, Nicole Breedon, Olga Bennett, Pascale Dawson, Patricia McCarthy-Henry, Peta Clancy, Peter Tyndall, Pia Murphy, Pierra Van Sparkes, Pip Ryan, Rebecca Delange, Renee Cosgrave, Sangeeta Sandrasegar, Saskia Doherty, Shannon Lyons, Simon MacEwan, Steven Rhall, Tai Snaith, Tessy King, Tom Hvala, Tracey Lamb, Tyson Campbell, Vivian Cooper Smith, Yumemi Hiraki, Yuval Rosinger and Yvette Coppersmith

About the c3 Fundraiser Series

In 2014, the Convent’s c3 Contemporary Art Space launched a series of annual curated fundraising exhibitions to assist with the long-term sustainability of the gallery and to raise money to support artists by reducing the gallery fees and paying sales commission. While raising money was the goal of the show, the team was keen to work with fundraising as a creative concept.

50% of funds raised will go directly to artists; the remaining 50% will reduce exhibition fees for 2019.


Image credit: Permission to use the original unaltered image in the GIF kindly provided by Guia Besana. ©GuiaBesana.