Gallery Five
The Museum of Platitudes and Aphorisms
Curated by Phil Edwards

Nada Polski, Fleur Summers, James Healey, Henry Law, David Dellafiora, Sue Hartigan, Gracie Edwards, Nico Tavella, Richard Harding, Peter Ellis, Chris Deakin, Louise Weaver, Shaun Wilson, Tammy Honey, Michael Vale, Greg Moncrieff, Fran Van Riemsdyk, Craig Easton Simon Perry, Joyce Huang, David Thomas, Cat Polski, Adrian De Vries , Shane Hulbert, Tammy Hulbert, James Murnane, Jim Murnane, Kit Wise, Eloise Harper, Madeleine Dawes, Bronte Webster, Wilma Tabacco, Charles O’Loughlin, Peter Clarke, Colleen Morris, Peter Hill, David Thomson, Lesley Duxbury, John de la Roche, Lesley O’Gorman, Greg Fullerton, Tiff Parbs, Ron Guy, Kristian Brennan, Ceri Hann, Jason Wade Ben Sheppard, Rhett D’Costa, P J Hickman, Robin Kingston, Harry Hay, Simon Gardam, Paul Compton, Morris Edwards, Malcom Bywaters, Julian Goddard, Ben Harper, Rod Prohasky , Al Outchomsky, Rhonda Watson, John MacKinnon, Stephanie Kam, Gabriel Nielsen, Gracia Haby, Louise Jennison, Jim Ross, Guy Hughes, Raphael Buttonshaw, Nicholas Jones, Emma Neumann, Vicky Kanellouplos, Felicity Eustace, Enrique Toches, Marion Tubbs, Andrew Tetzlaff, Katie Paine and others.

The MoP&A – The Museum of Platitudes and Aphorisms is part of a series of exhibitions and events that explore how individual artists and audiences explore their thinking about the presence of art in a studio or a gallery environment. It seems that there is a kind of peripheral vision that occurs in all artist’s practices that, once recognised, avoids or extends the awareness of the role of art and galleries in our lives. The aim of the project is to ask both makers and observers to reflect their own values in the experiences of making, encountering and looking art. The role of the museum or gallery as the psychological architecture used to reflect upon accepted knowledge is also in review.

All images by Aaron Rees