Object-Appendage pictures a hedonistic overlap between flesh and smouldering plasticity. The points of connect between the organic and the inorganic, fractured and fetishised, present a space in which pleasure and peril are felt simultaneously. For those of us who secretly relish a smack of petroleum at the bowser, or the acrid scent of a freshly bleached floor, there is a quality to the noxious that is both ambiguous and beckoning. Object-Appendage explores the seductive nature of the artificial, and the tenuous couplings that make us question the existence of pleasure without its grim other.

Sarah Berners is a Melbourne based artist whose practice encompasses sculpture, photography and painting. She has exhibited extensively throughout Melbourne’s artist run spaces and commercial galleries including Seventh, Kings A.R.I, Bus, Lindberg, and Anna Pappas Galleries and is currently a sessional lecturer in Sculpture & Spatial Practices at The Victorian College of the Arts.