Rebecca Delange’s practice looks at the poetic: things known and felt but which evade direct visual perception and representation—unseen and unspoken experiences of actual and metaphorical sites and landscapes. How can these things be articulated in the material? The exhibition Shut Up Mountain develops from an investigation into Berlin’s Trümmerberg sites, rubble-mountains made up of debris from the Second World War.

The work is a meditation on the artist’s experience and the characteristics and ideas embodied in and by these landscapes: mountains in disguise, they speak of contradictions between the transient, enduring and fragmented aspects of lived experience– less geological feature more ruin or monument, even architecture. They communicate the illusion of stability—impermanence dressed up as permanence, a mesh of disparate and intersecting components: materiality, time, space and meaning.

Shut Up Mountain explores creative practice as a tool to bring these types of invisible experiences and information into vision and materiality for the viewer. The work looks to create slippages in linguistic and symbolic narratives; disrupting traditional categories of meaning through strategies of collage and spatial arrangement applied to objects, materials and images.