Currently on residency with her partner Tobias Richardson and their daughter Ramona, Hayley presents a blog based project in constant motion, live from Saint Louis Senegal, West Africa. Updated whenever the intermittent net connection will allow, this project offers a view rarely seen despite the proliferation of imagery via web based action.


Inch’Allah [God willing] is an everyday saying I’ve grown to love in Saint-Louis. Spoken mainly at the end of sentences as a way to agree without confirmation (let’s meet tomorrow – yes, Inch’Allah) or as a response to a question without a necessarily positive outcome (can I have your phone number? – Inch’Allah!) The answer is left to fate, Inch’Allah is chance. This project positions random images with random personal thoughts, much how living here has become. Nothing is processed with ease.
Hayley West

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROJECT IS PERMANENTLY OFFLINE DUE TO AN¬†INEXPLICABLE¬†FAILURE OF THE WEB PROVIDER IN SALT LAKE CITY WHO WAS HOSTING HAYLEY’S PROJECT. INCH’ ALLAH SEEMES TO HAVE DISAPPEARED FROM THE INTERNET COMPLETELY. If you would like to see the images from this project, then click here to go to Hayley’s blog. Unfortunately the text work was lost when the site disappeared.