The works in Slipping Image point to the uncertain space occupied by images. Slowing them through paint, I can think with them.

Here paint leaves an indelible mark that I can’t second-guess.

I make use of porous surfaces and diluted pigments, tracing the moment when they meet. I examine the cumulative potential of susceptible surfaces. Here generative processes intersect with memory and recall, operating within and on top of it.

The resolution of a stain anchors an image where it might otherwise dissolve.

The capacity and behaviour of my materials determine my own behaviour when using them. Open surfaces encourage an immediate and irrevocable gesture. I submit myself to surface. An image unfolds and is suspended—approaching, receding.

A surface suspends a thought mid-flight. The space holding it trembles, and each time reappearing shifts again, changing shape.

Images Courtesy: Aaron Christopher Rees