Tributary brings artist Kate Hill’s studio practice to the gallery space, and creates a platform for her fifth investigation into the use of site-specific river water in her pottery practice. Over the course of this three-week residency, Kate will visit various parts of the Yarra River, which runs adjacent to the Abbotsford Convent, to collect water. She will carry this water back to the space to throw with white stoneware, creating a series of vessels embedded with this site.

Kate will also be using the gallery space for her usual activities, such as sifting, sieving and processing recycled and hand dug clay. As these activities undergo a practical process of refinement, so do her thoughts about place, time and materiality. The gallery space will create a link between past and present projects, and expose the working environment, highlighting the act of process and processing.

Presented by c3 Projects.
This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.