Gallery 1
Dirtied Glyphs
Jonas Ropponen

Dirtied Glyphs is an installation of painted fabric banners by Jonas Ropponen. The banners were once sexual health centre examination table sheets sourced from one the artist’s places of employment when the medical centre transitioned to disposable sheets. The bedding received a second life as studio drop sheets, catching paint while the artist made other pieces over the space of a year. The final ink paintings on the banners were made in a way that played with the bleeding and dripping of the watery ink, which often proved difficult to control as it soaked into the unprimed fabric. Images and text were generated quickly – a kind of mind spillage. Themes in the work centre around flow and sedimentation expressed through text and imagery about the human body and its secretions, sexuality, religious sacramental wine, the flood of Internet information and receding youth.

All images courtesy Vivian Cooper Smith