‘Nature is an infinite sphere, whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.’ Blaise Pascal

I have always been dissatisfied with photography’s inextricable link with the past. My interest in photography is not motivated by the accumulation of documents, but rather in the medium’s intrinsic relationship to phenomena.
The photographic image is a pliable component of my spatial practice: an object whose material condition holds much conceptual potential. The relationship between the photograph, the sculptural act and the exhibiting space is an active process. I aim to implicate these elements into the language of landscape and explore the conceptual and phenomenological scope of this relationship.
Where Tomorrow Meets Today is an exploration of landscapes across a photographic spectrum, varied transformations of the horizon line and the disruption of our ‘bearings’ that this entails. I aim to instill the sensation of rupture in the audience in order to exchange my perceptual, metaphorical and deeply autobiographical motivations.
Strong place making motives underpin this process of engaging landscape as an ongoing, surrogate portrait, charting my search for home as the eternal ‘elsewhere’.