A Problem of Value will be an exhibition of new works expanding on Jacob Raupach’s investigations into the structures and constraints of the archive, both in its use of display mechanisms and its construction of, or allusion to, history and knowledge. Marxist theorist David Harvey argues that a key function of capitalism is what he describes as “accumulation by dispossession” and John Tagg uses this terminology to describe the inherent power structures ingrained in the archive and the photographic medium itself. Working from this area of interrogation, A Problem of Value will draw on works made during a residency in Broken Hill in 2018. This will include images from Jacob’s own archive of photographs and various other analogue and digital archives from institutions in Broken Hill. These archives will be used to create an installation examining our continually shifting and mediated understanding of the material, economic and ecological flows of industrial production and the natural world.

This exhibition has been supported by a City of Yarra Small Project Grant.