Gallery 4
Isabella Darcy

Reworked by Melbourne-based artist Isabella Darcy is an on-going project and investigation into the material processes of twenty-first century shopping. The project explores the connections between material culture, art and fashion. Mainly working with found and discarded objects and clothing, particularly denim, Darcy acknowledges the pre-existing lives of materials. The works in Reworked take on different art-making methods with materials such as cutting, bleaching, sewing and photographic screen-printing. Each work of Darcy’s gestural and handmade aesthetics is a comment on the nature of process and production in fashion, mixed-media and art-making.

Darcy’s exploration of relational aspects of clothing and value production draws attention to the methods and modes of production in fashion products and fashion-based media. Darcy’s unification of narration and cultural symbolism within Reworked ultimately reflects and responds to people’s connections to clothing and material.