Gallery 4
Isabel Mallet – Aodhan Madden – Lauren Burrow
A breath cast in yr reflection

You’re designing a house, for a dancer, a night-time dancer, who you visit, or otherwise visits you, on the cusp of each witching hour. An everyday obsession, they’re someone who swims, their body sculpted by the pool. In this house, will it pay to pay attention? How many windows in the walls of this pool? How will you accommodate the eyes, craft the gaze, lessen the labour of your pleasure? Thin like air, absolute like gravity, or apparently radiating. You might not know the dancer, nor whether something is toxic or not, and anyway it’s just a diagram, but well furnished.

The surface of any pond you look into is slowly evaporating; there is a possibility that you might be breathing in the material which generated your image.

New sculptures by Lauren Burrow, Isabel Mallet and Aodhan Madden.