v. their body swells, and asks to be held

IchikawaEdward (est.2017) is a Naarm/Melbourne based artist duo consisting of Joshua Edward & Lee Ichikawa. Throughout the process of art-making, the artists are conscious of and prioritise themes such as queerness, the marginalised experience, othered bodies and accessibility. It is the artists’ intention to demonstrate works that speak to non-hegemonic notions of the body, the body’s intimacy with space, the body’s interaction with architecture; including and more specifically the architecture of the object the body exists within or upon. The artists question how our bodies rely on or subvert architectures, and what common frictions queer/othered/ disabled bodies encounter today. IchikawaEdward adopts a vast range of material and processes that employ new technologies and fabrication systems, in efforts to achieve a nuanced materiality that operates both poetically and politically.