Gradation, the noun, speaks to the act of layering a finish onto a material so that it is transformed. It is a gradual process that renders one material invisible and another (falsely) visible. This action speaks to the practice of glazing in ceramics where the clay body is hidden within a “skin” of glaze. This is not dissimilar to the act of finishing an architectural element with a render or façade. The world of objects is awash with superficial appearances. Gradation will hold a mirror to this surface layer and its questionable authenticity within the context of personal curated environments. This collaborative exhibition has developed through ongoing conversations between Niamh and Holly in their shared studio. Common interests relevant to this project include ceramic glazes that respond to non-ceramic materials, curating personal spaces, higher than normal (although not unreasonable) standards of cleanliness, and fair division of domestic labour.

Image Courtesy: Aaron Christopher Rees