Gallery 6
Concrete Commodity
Garth Howells, Isabel Buck, Isabella Darcy, Lina Buck

Concrete Commodity is a collaborative show between artists Garth Howells, Isabella Darcy and Isabel and Lina Buck. The exhibition explores limitations and confinements imposed by the project’s location, materials, accessibility, and availability to both produce work and extend an understanding of materiality through art making processes: not form over function, but rather function derived from form. The works make references to the ‘process’ of labour, both in respect to time and the artist as a producer of a singular task. Concrete Commodity indicates the parallels and diversity of soft and hard materials. The works demonstrate the possibilities of four emerging artists’ practices coming together through a primary focus on raw materials and art-making processes. The exhibition challenges the preconceived notions of ‘valued’ materials by being presented in an environment that dictates attention, making evident that there is an interaction between the material world and the artists’ construction of a re-valuing through both the process and presentation of work..