Last year c3 launched its inaugural fundraising exhibition Faux Museum to assist with the long-term sustainability of the gallery and support artists by reducing the gallery fees. Part-one in a series of curated fundraisers that examine the financial structures of the art world, the show was a huge success and raised enough funds to reduce this year’s exhibition costs by over a third. The gallery also gave 50% of the proceeds back to the artists who donated their work, adding another layer of support.

This year, c3 presents Faux Fair, a play on the economics of the commercial art fair. The gallery has engaged a field of curators to each develop a fictional gallery stand at a faux art fair within c3. Each space will present a selection of works by numerous artists, with all works for sale. Again, artists receive a 50% commission for sold works. All remaining proceeds will go directly to lowering the gallery fees for c3 exhibitions in 2016.

Faux Fair Vernissage:
Wednesday 2nd December 6pm
Dresscode: Black Tie / Fancypants