Portraits have been taken, questions have been asked and collected materials and artifacts from around the site have been made, representing both the built environment and the history of the site. For the identity component, c3 and co have photographed as many tenants as possible (whilst located in their personal workspaces, thus putting names to faces and spaces to our community). Each person who participated was asked two simple questions relating to their role here and their passion for the Convent.
The work aims to present a structural document of the community and the village atmosphere that is experienced by all. It is a way of seeing both the individual and the whole, within what has been described as a ‘cultural ecosystem’.

Alex Landragin
Amy Moon
Amy Spruce
Andrew Evans
Anna LindstadJesse Fulton
Anthony Cullen
Arnie Salinas
Benton Geyer
Binh Rey
Brian Clark
Caia Dilizio Design (Tania Dilizio & Nicolina Caia)
Cameron Miller
Carlos George & Priscilla Phelps
Carly Bojadziski
Christie Petsinis
Christina Ritschel
Chris Womersley
Chun Ju Chang
Clp Design Architects (Jason, Anne, Pete)
Complete Works Theatre (Andrew Blackman & Caroline Wil- liams)
Cut Through Communications (Aileen Muldoon)
David Collopy
David Wilson
Dhiren Bhagwandas and Justin Hutchinson
Emily Collyer
Errol Schurallie
Gael Bailey
Giuliano Marcolin
Glennys Lawton
Grace Edwards
Gragan Khoror
Graham Meadowcroft
Greg Cooper
Handsome Steve
Hart Design Architects (Jim, Cam, Perry, Viken)
Ilona Topolcsanyi and Colin Hopkins
Interact Arts Education
Janine Cameron
Janine Scott
Jennifer Dineen
Jen Storer
Jess Lucus
Jill Humann
Joanne Mott
John Mummery
Jon Butt
Jo Saunders
Judy Allen
Julian Stowe
Kappaya (Kaji)
Kappaya (Mariko)
Kappaya (Sachiyo)
Kappaya (Yoshi )
Karen van Ulzen
Karin Riederer
Katheryn Leopoldseder
Kathy Couzens
Katy Abbott
Kristian Tsoulis-Reay
Louise Richards-Green
Mabel Nang
Madonna Grehan
Maggie Maguire
Marg Allen
Marita Lillie
Martre Newcombe
Matthew Quick
Micheline Lee
Mirella Zandegu
Naomi Velaphi
Nicki Wynnychuk
Norman Strugnell
Peter & Janet Bennett
Philip Dunmill
Phoebe Porter
Pip Davey
Raj & Prem
Ralf Kempken
Rema O’Neill
Richard Denny
Rik Brown
Rob McHaffie
Rona Green
Roslyn Oades
Ross McNair
Sal Cooper
Sally Anne Lawford
Sally Romanes
Sandra McKay
Sari Harris
Shaun Hudson
Slow Food (Alison Peake)
Sophie Mundi Steiner School – Year 9 Art Students (Bernie Rowley, Jeremy Kondos, joshua Fiyalko, Michael Beynat, Michael Rauris, Oliver Dexter, Ondine Martin)
The Song Room
The Wurundjeri Tribe Land Council
Toula Karayannis
Tristan & Janette
Ursula Chandler
Victorian Farmers’ Markets Association
Volker Haug
Wayne Murphy
Wendy Golden
Yut Art
Yvonne Pattan
Zaishu (Helen Punton)

Exhibition Design Graphic Design Exhibition Assistants
– Jon Butt
– Carly Bojadziski
– Kent Wilson & Rona ‘Dogsbody’ Green


– Jessie Fulton
– Sari Harris
– Richard Denny
-by Sal Cooper
– Volker Haug
– Marita Lillie

Rona Green, Jon Butt, Pip Davy, Maggie Maguire, Andrew Evans, Naomi Valaphi, Ralf Kempken, Helen Punton, Micheline Lee,
Rona Green, Jon Butt, Katheryn Leopoldseder, Phoebe Porter, Richard Denny, Former Sisters of The Good Shepherd.

This special Open Day project was generously funded by Sally Romanes, who was a member of the Abbotsford Convent Coalition and is a current member of the Abbotsford Convent Foundation Board
Print support by Colour Factory