Each representation of an object or a thing acts on the picture surface and discharges its own unique direction of associations as a point, a line, a shape, acts on the picture-plane, and forces the eye into virtual spatial directions. These positions have direction, shape, size, distance and weight. …. As one searches for spatial order and through the interrelationships of the plastic forces creates a unified spatial whole, one also searches for a meaning-order and builds from the different associations-directions the common, meaningful whole. (Kepes, 1940)

Communication between people can provide opportunities of harmonious interactions or barbed unbalanced choreography.
Sight line is a set of choreographed materials, balanced and fit together under tension. Each placed with a purpose to aid the other. Orchestrated elements including imageless photographic material construct the spaces that are reflected and reverberated. The precision and placement of objects highlights the mechanics behind my photographic practice; consideration of detail to manifest the result, as apposed to documenting. Like a photograph Sight line allows your eye wanders across the details as your feet carry you to where the points converge.