SPFX consists of digital pixels, articulated in needlepoint stitch, demonstrating a parallel between digital imagery and embroidery, in their mutual ‘representation’ of reality as removed from the original three-dimensional subject. Tipping intends to grasp anachronistic image making, displaying an artistic timeline.
Tipping chose cars as her subject, as indicators of era, to explore her interest in anachronism. The image of a car is a statement of advanced technology and cultural capital, or individual adornment, and has changed considerably over time.
Tipping’s life size car images from 1970, 1980 and 1990 have a special effect that was invented at the time of the cars manufacturing. Science fiction explored special effects in image making through mechanical and manual methods.
From afar these works appear photographic, and could be stills from a genre film, on closer inspection the stitches and the work involved in the representation of the image can be seen.