Gallery 4
Kasia Lynch, Eddy Carroll, Trevor Flinn, Carmen Reid

By definition, an altar is an elevated place or structure, a mound or platform where rites are performed or on which sacrifices are offered. Affecting the atmospheric qualities of environment through a specific demarcation of space, either publicly in a place of worship or devotion, or in the personal domestic space of a home, an altar establishes an intent to communicate – to commune.
In this exhibition the symbol of the altar is employed as a thematic gateway for the artists to question and elaborate on the ways in which humans seek deeper meaning within and beyond the conditions of daily existence. Collectively, but also through the current concerns of their own individual art practices, Eddy Carroll, Trevor Flinn, Kasia Lynch and Carmen Reid provoke viewers to contemplate and question the strategies, tools and behaviours that humans have developed, adopted and adapted throughout history in their quest to know the unknown.