c3/Testing Grounds: 2 Signals,
Jon Butt + c3 (technical assistance by Alexander Radesvki & Ryan Ralph), Internet connected RGB LED beacons, motion sensors, 2017 (presented onsite at c3 + testing Grounds)

2 Signals:
Internet-enabled RGB LED beacons are situated at c3 and Testing Grounds and remain connected at all times. A sensor in each gallery space activates the system. If you are in one space, you will set off the sensor, send a signal through a number of internet pathways and the light beacon will pulse at the other space.

You are both in this space and the other space.

Red Button:
You may choose to press the red button. Each space has a button and small red LED (press and hold for 5 seconds). This sends a signal back to the other space and sets off the corresponding red LED. Someone may or may not see this occur. You are reaching out. Someone may or may not respond and you may see your red LED flash.

Jon and Benjamin undertook a number of walks around the Abbotsford Convent site in preparation for this work. During these walks a couple of bluestone shards were chosen to act as markers for these walks/talks and further discussions yet to be had (or in process with other people). Jon kept his rock in his pocket for the duration of the project and it acts as a signifier and trigger to think about or discuss the projects and its many layers. It also acts as a concrete representation of the Convent site. One stone was gifted to Ben who then included it his Altona work. Jon’s son Charlie enjoyed this process and gifted another rock to the project. This was later gilded by Jon and Charlie from remnants of gold leaf strewn around the precinct from the making process of a major Convent commission onsite, The Light and the Ground by Joanna Buckley. This last rock contains new traces/layers of other related events on the site.

more info coming…