Amalia Lindo

Gallery 6 Elast(i)city Amalia Lindo Amalia Lindo’s practice considers image politics through the critical application of practical methodologies such as montage, archive and narrative. Elast(i)city offers the image as a… Continue reading

Tracey Lamb

Gallery 1 Tenuous Connections Tracey Lamb Tracey Lamb’s practice engages with a range of interests including the historical narratives of modernism, minimalism and women working in interior design, architecture and… Continue reading

Kez Hughes

Gallery 2 Spaghetti Western Kez Hughes If you thought these paintings were by Kez Hughes, you’d be a little bit right, for each image has a prior life in the… Continue reading

Piers Greville

Gallery 3 Singularity Piers Greville Piers Greville draws on traditional modes of painting as a frame of reference to explore liminal psychological states. These recent paintings represent an album of… Continue reading

Louis Mason

Gallery 6 The City is a Horror Story Louis Mason- with work by invited artists Meg Stoios, Nellie Reinhard, Jack Hooper-Bell, Guillaume Savy and Andrew Treloar The desert flowers open… Continue reading

Eitan Ritz

Gallery 1 (t)here Eitan Ritz This work is an investigation of the relational space that is between; between a performance and its documentation, and between the words we use to… Continue reading

Matt Fairbridge

Gallery 2 Offcuts Matt Fairbridge Through avenues of sculpture and drawing Matt Fairbridge’s work presents a synthesis of the ancient and the prospective, the stable and the temporary and the… Continue reading

Katie Paine

Gallery 3 Chronophobia Katie Paine Katie Paine uses collage, assemblage, video and text to explore notions of historicity and the archive, through the creation of complex fictions. Within her hybrid… Continue reading

Leanne Failla

Gallery 4 Every Object in My House (In Paper) Leanne Failla Every Object in My House (In Paper) marks the continuation of a process of experimentation and making: exploring notions… Continue reading