Gallery 6 Всё Нормально (Everything is normal) Lachlan Horn My practice drifts between video, sculpture, installation and printmaking. Reading informs a lot of my work and I often steal the… Continue reading

Simon MacEwan

GALLERY 1 WAITING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE (2018-5000000000) SIMON MACEWAN A mechanism turns slowly, intermittently lifting hammers which strike thick metal discs, making them ring. The sustained tones taper off… Continue reading

Amy Hurley

GALLERY 6 A CONTEMPLATION OF WONDER AMY HURLEY Amy Hurley is a cross-disciplinary artist who, through intimate installations, explores our existential anxieties—the constant evolution of time, and the many complexities… Continue reading

James Voller

c3 FORECOURT WATCH THIS SPACE JAMES VOLLER Watch This Space is a four part photographic installation that examines the affect of population increases in and around Abbotsford. The work places… Continue reading

Olga Bennett

GALLERY 2 OLGA BENNETT P34_Brancusi_in_Guggenheim_clonestamp…jpg (variant) Since March 2016, I have thought about Romanian modernist artist Constantin Brancusi constantly. But, looking back now, I realise I allowed very little space… Continue reading