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October 2019

Emanuel Rodriguez-Chaves

Gallery 6 Pintura Emanuel Rodriguez–Chaves Emanuel Rodriquez–Chaves’ work aims to question contemporary painting and its mechanisms of production. His practice emphasises on the elasticity of painting as a medium and… Continue reading

September 2019


Gallery 1 Obliteration, Creation Ohni Blu Momentary obliterations, meditations and creations of a body. These practices play an important part in Ohni’s life and function as a survival strategy as… Continue reading

Machines don’t have eyes but birds do

Gallery 2 Alexandra Nemaric, Zoe Whitson, Jemi Gale, Alice McIntosh and Lei Lei Kung Machines don’t have eyes but birds do Machines don’t have eyes but birds do is an… Continue reading

Max Boland

Gallery 4 Collapse: Please, I just want to lie down Max Boland Collapse: Please, I just want to lie down explores the tedium of spending prolonged stretches of time in… Continue reading


Gallery 3 & 5 Potluck Shirin Towfiq, Elham Eshraghian, Elyas Alavi, Katya Abedian, Mahdi Aliyar, Mona Forghani, Mei Swan Lim, Manisha Anjali and Angelique Hiscock. Curated by Angelique Hiscock Potluck… Continue reading

Trent Crawford

GALLERY 6 THE ANOMALOUS IMAGE TRENT CRAWFORD Like many things, anomalous images have found new life over the internet. These images have proliferated alongside developments in camera technology, which has… Continue reading

July 2019

Siying Zhou

Gallery 1 We Watch Them to Be Ready for Their Arrival Siying Zhou The nuns at the Abbotsford Convent once used this front room to make cakes for the visiting… Continue reading


Gallery 2 Transform into the animal you need to Anthea Kemp Transform into the animal you need to is an exhibition investigating ideas of how nostalgia and place feeds into… Continue reading


Gallery 3 Mourning Funes Camille Thomas and Ada Hale Mourning Funes is an exhibition that combines two practices that work with ritual: the ritual of making and ritual made personally… Continue reading


Gallery 4 Bring Home the Bacon Stephanie Wilson Bring Home the Bacon is about an element of society that the artist encounters regularly and find the strangest and also most… Continue reading