John Syme

SPACE B PLASTIC MEMORIES JOHN SYME A photograph, especially an old family photograph that contains familiar elements such as people and places, contains indexical links to a moment past by… Continue reading

Andy Robertson

PROJECT SPACE ACQUAINTANCES TAKE YOU AROUND THEIR HOMES ANDY ROBERTSON Your first visit to a friend’s living space is an intense learning experience. Facts and narratives both real and imaginary… Continue reading

Dylan Palmer

SPACE A IN THE DARK I SEE DYLAN PALMER Dylan Palmer’s paintings depict his perception of an Australian vision, focusing on the banality of everyday existence as a vehicle to… Continue reading

Kimball Holth

SPACE B HELICOPTER KIMBALL HOLTH This show is a selection of paintings that emerged from those recurring moments in an art practice where it seems to become painfully clear that… Continue reading

Abbra Kotlarczyk

PROJECT SPACE DEAR HISTORY, PAINTING ABBRA KOTLARCZYK Dear History, Painting has developed out of a proposed feminist history painting gone AWOL. The acronym AWOL stands for “absent without official leave”.… Continue reading


GALLERY 2 TIDE JULIAN BETTOLI, KIRSTY BUDGE, JUSTIN HINDER AND LORALEE NEWITT Curated by Justin Hinder A tide occurs due to the effects of gravitational forces from the moon, sun… Continue reading